The unique technology of the anti-adhesive ceramic coating ANIONIC CERAMIC is absolutely non-dangerous for human health and for ecology, because it contains no dangerous composites such as lead, cadmium and perfluorooctanium acid, which could be vaporized during the cooking process.

The anionic ceramic coating ANIONIC CERAMIC diffuses infrared waves, which have a benefic action on the human organism. These waves improve the food taste qualities and properties. Due to anions of the PALETTE series, the prepared food can be stored for a longer time.

Long infrared waves’ diffusion

  • Diffusion intensiveness: 0.913 (5-20 microns)
  • Diffused energy: 4.32x102 (Wt/m2-micron, 50°C)
  • Application of the negative ions (anions) in the coating allows you to reduce the cooking time, diminishing the nutritive substances loss.
  • The ANIONIC CERAMIC coating has a very high durability – it is resistant to mechanical actions (scratching) and is thermo-resistant. It is easily washable in warm water.

Does not contain lead, cadmium 
and perfluorooctanoic acid
Highly eco-friendlyLow level of carbon dioxide emissions


2-years.png The manufacturer ensures that the non-stick coating complies with norms and requirements for materials that come into contact with food. Heat resistance and high durability, resistance to abrasion and scratching is guaranteed.