COLD PRESS technology


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The unique technology allows to get juice by squeezing not only from soft and juicy fruits and vegetables, but also from the hard vegetables with high fiber content as well as fruits and berries with seeds. You can even get juice from greens and sprouted wheat.

MORE JUICE              

Durable auger shaft is used for the extraction. It presses and squeezes the juice from fruits and vegetables. The result is a more output of juice and a dried cake. This is done by crushing and grinding the pulp carefully by auger through a three-mesh filter with small holes.

MORE VITAMINS              

Cold press is the best way to get natural juices, which kept all the nutritional value (save up to 68% of vitamins), natural flavor and natural taste of fruits and vegetables. Extraction process will be fast and pleasant, and juices will have natural flavor and color and it will be truly valuable for health.