ROCK coating...

Marble ware – innovation in kitchenware. Kitchenware with an ultra-durable ROCK coating - a high quality product that combines an excellent balance of safety, elegance and incredible durability.
Innovational non-stick ROCK coating is manufactured in accordance with high European standards, it is completely safe for human health and environment, as it does not contain harmful chemical impurities. Kitchenware is made of cast aluminum with a six-layer non-stick marble coating, reinforced with ultra-durable particles, which in their properties and characteristics resemble a rock, which makes the kitchenware practically eternal. It won't lose its properties when used frequently. Thanks to high quality and amazing properties of this kitchenware, the reputation of every dish you cook will always be on top! A huge plus of this coating - you can cook without oil! ROCK technology - delicious food, healthy nutrition!

Does not contain lead, cadmium   
and perfluorooctanoic acid
Highly eco-friendlyLow level of carbon dioxide emissions


2-years.pngThe manufacturer ensures that the non-stick coating complies with norms and requirements for materials that come into contact with food. Heat resistance and high durability, resistance to abrasion and scratching is guaranteed.