Oursson brand is a specialist in culinary innovation. We sincerely wish to make an everyday life of young families easier and more enjoyable. Basic values of the brand are beauty, style and optimal function of products which are so easy to use.

Oursson AG company's specialists combine innovations, quality and price, guided by a simple principle: the consumer should always get the desired high quality products at reasonable price. Special attention is paid to using in products exclusively high-quality and environmentally-friendly materials and technologies which are preserve the health of consumers and the environment.

Marketing and product management departments of Oursson AG company regulate the activities of the entire supply chain, including retail. Product development is considered with the requirements of the market and customers and analysis of the customer feedback. It helps to develop products constantly. Company fully provides logistics activities and quality control. Complete cycle of our business is finished with a qualified service.

We are looking for partners in Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and Africa. 
Partnering with Oursson has many advantages including: 
  • Exclusive use of the Oursson Brand and its products. 
  • Knowledge sharing and support from the international Oursson management. 
  • Complete marketing, sales and service support from the Oursson AG.

Trademark OURSSON owner is a Swiss company Oursson AG.
Address: Rue du Grand-Chêne 5, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1003.