ATTENTION! Only a qualified specialist from OURSSON AG service center must do the repair.



Company OURSSON AG expresses great appreciation to you for choosing our products. We have done everything possible so that this meets your needs, and the quality corresponds to the best world standards. If your OURSSON branded product will need maintenance, please contact one of the authorized service center (hereinafter - ASC).

A complete list of ASC and their exact addresses can be found on the website www.oursson.com.

Warranty obligations OURSSON AG:  

1.     Warranty obligations OURSSON AG, provided ASC OURSSON AG, apply only to models designed OURSSON AG for the production or supply and sale within the country where the warranty service is provided, purchased in this country, 
certified for compliance with the standards of this country, and also marked the with official marks of 

2.     Warranty obligations OURSSON AG operate within the law on protection of consumer rights and are regulated by the laws of the country in which they are provided, and only when the product is used exclusively for personal, family or household purposes. Warranty obligations OURSSON AG shall not apply to uses of goods for business purposes or in connection with the acquisition of goods to meet the needs of enterprises, institutions and organizations. 

3.     OURSSON AG sets for its products the following terms of use and warranty periods: 

Product nameTerms of use, months  

Warranty Period, months              

Microwave ovens bread makers, induction hobs             



Multicookers, kitchen processors, electric kettles, electric grills, hand blenders, hand mixers, meat grinders, blenders, toasters, airpots, toasters, juicers, steamers, coffeemakers, choppers, freezers, refrigerators, automatic coffee machines 



Kitchen scales, home made soda systems            



4.     Warranty obligations OURSSON AG shall not apply to the following products, if their replacement is assumed and is not connected with disassembling products:  

o    Batteries; 

o    Cases, straps, cords for carrying, mounting accessories, tools, documentation that came with the product.   

5.     Warranty does not cover defects caused due to violations of the rules of consumer use, storage or transportation of the goods, actions of third parties or force majeure, including but not limited to the following cases:   

o    If the defect was a result of careless handling, used for other purposes, violations of conditions and rules of operation set forth in the instruction manual, including as a result of exposure to high or low temperatures, high humidity or dust, traces of opening the device independently and/ or selfrepair, mismatch state standards for power grids, getting liquids, insects or other foreign objects, substances inside the device, as well as long- 
term use of the product in extreme operational modes.

o    If the defect of the product was a result of unauthorized attempts to test the product or make any changes in its construction or software programs, including repair or maintenance in unauthorized service centers.

o    If the defect of the product was a result of use of non-standard and/or low quality equipment, accessories, spare parts, batteries.

o    If the defect of the product is associated with its use in conjunction with additional equipment (accessories), other than additional equipment recommended by OURSSON AG for use with this product. OURSSON AG is not responsible for the quality of the additional equipment (accessories) manufactured by third parties, for the quality of its products together with such equipment, as well as the quality of the work of the additional equipment of OURSSON AG together with the products of other manufacturers.

6.     Product defects detected during the lifetime of the product are eliminated by the authorized service centers (ASC). During the warranty period, elimination of defects is free of charge with the presentation of the original certificate of guarantee and documents that confirm the fact and date of the contract of retail purchase. In the absence of such documents, warranty period is calculated from the date of manufacture of goods. It should be taken 
into account:  

o    Setup and Installation (assembly, the connection, etc.) of the product described in the documentation attached to it, does not enter the scope of warranty OURSSON AG and can be performed by the user as well as the specialists of most 
authorized service centers on a paid basis.

o    Work upon maintenance of products (cleaning and lubricating the moving parts, replacement of consumables and supplies, etc.) are made on a paid basis.   

7.     OURSSON AG is not responsible for any damage directly or indirectlycaused by their products to people, pets, property, if it occurred as a result ofnon-observance of the rules and conditions of use, storage, transportation or installation of the product, intentional or negligent actions of consumer or third parties. 

8.     Under no circumstances, OURSSON AG is not responsible for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential loss or damage, including but not limited to: lost profits, damages caused by interruptions in the commercial, industrial or other activities, arising from the use of or inability to use the product.  

9.     Due to continuous product improvement, design elements and some technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice from the manufacturer. 

Using the product when after the terms of use (lifetime):  

1.     Lifetime set by OURSSON AG for this product applies only when the product is used exclusively for personal, family or household needs, as well as the consumer observes the correct operation, storage and transportation of products. Under thecondition of careful handling of the product and compliance with the rules of operation the actual life may exceed the lifetime set by OURSSON AG.   

2.     At the end of the product lifetime, you should contact an authorized service center for to conduct a preventive maintenance of the product and determine the suitabilityfor further use. Work on conducting a preventive maintenance of the products is also made in service centers on paid basis. 

3.     OURSSON AG does not recommend the use of this product after the end of its lifetime without its preventive maintenance by the authorized service center, since inthis case, the product can be dangerous to the life, health or property of the consumer.  

 Product Recycling and Disposal

This appliance has been identified in accordance with the European directive 2002/96/EG on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – WEEE. After the expiration of the lifetime, the product cannot be disposed with another household waste. Instead, it shall be deposited in the appropriate recycling collection point for electrical and electronic equipment for proper treatment and disposal in accordance with federal or local law. By disposing correctly this product, you will help to conserve natural resources and preventing the product from damaging the environment and human health. For more information on the collection point and recycling of this product, please contact your local municipal authorities or the enterprise for household waste disposal.

 Date of manufacture

Each product has a unique serial number in the form of alphanumeric row and is duplicated with a barcode that contains the following information: name of the product group, date of manufacture, serial number of the product.


Serial number is located on the rear of the product, on the package and the warranty card.   

1.     The first two letters-correspondence to the product group (blender - BL).

2.     The first two digits – year of manufacture.

3.     The second two digits – week of manufacture.

4.     The last two digits – serial number of product.


ATTENTION! To avoid misunderstandings, we highly recommend you to read carefully the instruction manual and the warranty obligations. Check the correctness of the warranty card. Warranty card is valid only if the following are correctly and clearly stated: model, serial number, date of purchase, clear stamps, buyer’s signature. The serial number and the model of the device must be the same as in the warranty card. If these conditions are not fulfilled or the data specified in the warranty card was changed, the warranty card is invalid.