Press Releases

Oursson won the "Product of the Year" award!19.12.2014

On the 11 of April 2013 at the CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & PHOTO EXPO Oursson company won two nominations in the "Product of the Year" award. The favorites of the award were multicooker and kitchen processor.

Induction Plate - practical innovation!19.12.2014

The history of the induction plate did not begin today or yesterday, their roots date back to the early 19th century, when M. Faraday discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. The essence of this phenomenon goes to the depths of physics, but the use of it is found in everyday life.


Silicone – nowadays this material in known to everyone, it is present in every field of human activity – from space travels to cooking. Silicone changed our everyday life and it has all the rights to be called the material of the XXI century.