Induction Plate - practical innovation! 19.12.2014

The History of invention

The history of the induction plate did not begin today or yesterday, their roots date back to the early 19th century, when M. Faraday discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. The essence of this phenomenon goes to the depths of physics, but the use of it is found in everyday life.
The world's first induction plate was introduced in 1971 in the United States. A small single burner plate was called “Cool Top Induction Range ". However, she did not call much interest and excitement, because of the high cost and not well explained principle of work.
In 1987, in Europe the German company AEG presented the first induction plate. At that time, it also wasn’t widespread, and was used for many years in the restaurant business; only the best places could afford expensive equipment.

A few years ago, more affordable and improved induction plates appeared on the market, which are now more and more actively included in everyday life. However, even today, with such a high level of development, induction plates are puzzling and are the subject of fierce debates among the buyers.

Design and Function

Copper coil is under a glass ceramic surface. Electric current that flows through the coil is converted into an alternating electromagnetic field, which creates the induced current. Utensil with ferromagnetic properties, located on the cooking surface, is a conductor with a closed loop. Under the influence of the induced current, the electrons of the utensil come in motion, and through this process, heat is released. Thus, the burner is not heated, but the utensil and food within it are heated.


Glass ceramics, copper coil, magnetic field, utensil’s bottom – ferromagnetic.

Of the special terms for the use of induction plates, which many considered a fault (and this is not entirely true) - is the use of utensils with special properties. Not everything in life is so difficult. Most often, there is no need to buy expensive new generation pots and pans. It is enough with the help of a magnet to check your usual utensils: if a magnet sticks to the bottom, you can safely use this utensil for induction plate.

Due to its operating principle, induction plates have a number of significant advantages over conventional electrical, ceramic or gas plates.

Advantages of the induction plate

Economy. Induction plate uses less electricity compared to an electric plate, because the burner "adjusts" to the diameter of the bottom of the utensil and heats only the usable area. This not only saves energy, but also your time. Due to its power, the plate heats up quickly and constantly maintains the desired temperature, and this, in turn, significantly reduces the cooking time.

Safety. The induction plate has no fire or hot surface. In addition, the plate is only activated in the presence of a suitable utensil. If the utensils do not have the required properties, stand empty or are absent, plate turns off automatically. Most models are equipped with a shutdown timer, protection against overheating and power surges.

Comfort. When using the induction plate there is no smoke and food accidentally dropped on the ceramic surface does not stick. All dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth. The plate doesn’t heat, even if it works for a long time, that’s why the temperature in the room doesn’t increase, thereby reducing the need of ventilation.

Convenience. Control of the induction plate is easy and understandable, as a rule, it is controlled by means of a large digital display, touch button or knob. Depending on the food and its preparation mode, you can set the exact temperature, power and time. Many models have several modes of cooking, which greatly simplifies the workflow.

Practicality. Induction plates are compact, so they can be easily and conveniently placed on any kitchen or taken to the country.

Design. Thanks to modern design, the induction plate is not just an assistant in the kitchen, but also a stylish decoration.
Even today, you can assess the advantages and benefits of the induction plate, unparalleled quality and speed of cooking!

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